Save time and money when delivering your goods to a new home.

We specialize in odd-sized and shaped deliveries that are too difficult to fit in your car.

You simply will give us the pick-up address, the drop-off address, and when you would like the package to be delivered. We will send you an email the morning of your delivery to confirm and you can email us at [email protected] to change or cancel your delivery any time.

All deliveries will be delivered same-day.

We will get your item to its new destination on the same day! This service is only available for local delivery within the San Francisco Bay area and only available to schedule on our website (not available on our app).

We will deliver anything you need to get off your hands.

Using our safe, reliable, and easy service you can save time and money delivering your unwanted goods to a new home. Not only do you not have to worry about how to package up your old corner chair and figure out a way to get it to the post office. You will also have the care and attention of using a small business.

Save time and money.

Estimated rates based on weight (may differ depending on size of the item):

1 - 20 lbs: $__ to $__
20 - 50 lbs: $__ to $__
50 - 100 lbs: $__ to $__
100+ lbs: Call for a quote

For complete pricing information go to schedule a delivery and enter your information.